Winter for Floridians (also known as our New Hampshire vacation)

Every year our seminary friends (known as the Bad Kids) and their progeny get together for a weeklong vacation of fun, camaraderie, decompression, and relaxation. The location varies year to year because we live all over and we try to be democratic about it. This year’s location: the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In January. This is insanity for me as a native Floridian – winter and I do not mix (for example, look no further as to when I slipped on icy stairs and ended up getting staples in my head). It’s just not my native habitat, and I know this. But I will go anywhere at any time of the year to see these fine people – totally worth it.  

 And we survived winter, where the temperatures peaked at 32 degrees and most often hovered in the single digits. I even went out (willingly) in the snow to watch the kids play (for 5 minutes, don’t get crazy). It was fun to see Henry discover snow for the first time, since the only other time he experienced it was at 9 months old, and he hated it. He really wanted to build a snowman, but the snow wasn’t quite right so he settled for watching Frozen with the sisters. 

Other highlights for me were sitting around the fire in the evenings, laughing and eating together, discovering the awesomeness of LL Bean, chowing down on delicious barbecue in our own room of a brewery, and sightseeing the picturesque villages of the mountains (by car, in the heat). I would love to come back and visit the area, just next time it should be in the summer, when life in Florida is God-awful hot.