St. Pete Adventuring with the Littles

Through my sleep deprivation of waking every one to two hours with Elliot, I managed to take both boys on a day trip to Great Explorations and Sunken Gardens back in February thanks to Groupon deals. We packed a lunch and set off to Great Explorations first to play. Elliot mostly hung out in my Lillebaby carrier, and Henry had free reign over the decision-making in the children’s museum, just like old times.
He spent the majority of his time building things – pizzas, magnets, and legos. When Elliot was outside the carrier, he did his best to eat all the things. After a couple hours, and the arrival of a large field trip group we grabbed our lunch and walked over to Sunken Gardens. It has a shaded picnic area where we ate in peace and quiet before leisurely strolling through the gardens while Elliot napped. Henry decided that flamingos are super stinky, and he liked the waterfall the best.
After Elliot woke up, we returned to the children’s museum for bit longer before heading home for nap time for everyone. The boys didn’t really get that memo, but it was a super fun day other than that.