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Sunken Gardens

Not being a native to the Tampa Bay Area, I mostly use Groupon to discover some of the more touristy places at a discounted price. That way, I feel justified if the place I’m visiting is a trap or pleasantly surprised if it is awesome. Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg falls into the latter category. Originally owned by a private citizen who created the gardens around and inside a drained lake, and operated as a roadside attraction starting in the 1920s, it’s now owned by the City of St. Petersburg. 

Winding paths take visitors through some of the oldest tropical botanical gardens in Florida. Henry loved watching the fish and turtles swim in ponds connected to beautifully flowing waterfalls. He also enjoyed trying to make the birds talk to him, and running through the butterflies in their garden. 

As members, we not only have access to its many horticultural programs, many of them specific to Florida gardening, but also to various gardens around the state and country at a free or reduced rate. Sunken Gardens also has a deal with the Florida Aquarium for 50% off admission anytime, and free admission to MOSI certain months of the year. I’m excited to return with Keith, who as a Clearwater native has never been before. I hope he likes it as much as we did.

We finished our morning with lunch from the Fourth Street Shrimp Store, and it was delicious. They have options for people like my mom who do not like seafood, and the food came out quickly. So good.