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Day 3 – Washington DC and Alexandria VA

We moved by bus, metro rail, and our own two feet today as we navigated the DC transportation system through construction sights to the National Mall. Elliot’s first time in the Nation’s Capitol was a smash! He recognized the Capitol Building from our USA cartoon placemat map, so he’s clearly a genius. Despite the incredibly hot weather (because July), we made it to three Smithsonian Museums today.

First up (and the one we spent most of our time at) was the National Museum of the American Indian. There’s a fun children’s discovery area called ImagiNATIONS, where kids can learn about different tribes from around the globe. The boys weaved a basket and paper, built an igloo, skateboarded, cooked fish and tried other hands on activities. Their favorite included stamping their passport with stamps representing various tribes. We ate lunch in the cafeteria and enjoyed a plethora of Native American foods. We highly recommend the food and the museum!

We saw there was no line for the Air and Space Museum (there was a long one first thing this morning), and it’s the 50th anniversary of the moon landing so we headed inside. It was packed! So much so that we looked at a few rockets and a lunar module and then split.

We metroed to the National Portrait Gallery and prioritized because nap time approached and the kids were cranky and energetic (as only tired kids can be). The main portraits I wanted to view were the Obamas – and we saw them in their full glory! President Obama was in office for both boys’ births, and he’s been the only president elected by me since I became voter eligible in 2000. Hopefully, my vote will change things in 2020 and I’ll once again elect an excellent president into the White House. Their portraits were so vibrant and lovely! I also enjoyed seeing President Kennedy’s portraits and the four female Supreme Court Justices.

After returning back to the Brownes, they planned a little Lutheran Campus Ministry get-together with the McKenzie-Harwells (Leanna and Drew) and the Bells (Brad, Erica, and Samuel). Catching up in person seems to rarely happen these days so I’m happy Vanesa facilitated it. Henry said the best part of his day was hanging out and playing with this new friend, Samuel. He relished being the big kid amongst the little ones.

We told Vanesa and Scott that we would be staying and moving in with them – that’s how much we love them. Not actually doing this, but how awesome would it be to live nearby all the people we love most in the world? I don’t think we could contain our joy.