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Day 12 – Wolfeboro NH to Jamestown RI

A big driving day means saying goodbye to loved ones, but also saying hello to other people we love. Hen had been clamoring to hit up Black’s gift shop the ENTIRE time we were in Wolfeboro so we stopped on our way out. He and Elliot bought treasures: a set of rocks and a red car. The thrill was real, and they still have money to spend the last few days of our trip. We also stopped by the Yum Yum Shop because no one can leave Wolfeboro without first eating a gingerbread cookie from there. Happy to oblige, the kids chose ones with frosting, Keith ordered a gingerbread donut, and I ate a praline cookie (& the rest of El’s).

We had the brilliant plan to drop by Maine on our way to Rhode Island since none of us had ever gone, and we were so close we felt we just had to go. Our plans unexecuted; we didn’t make it to the art museum or the beach in Ogunquit, but we did eat a wonderful lunch and hang out at the library. We made the executive decision to return to Maine and do it up right the next go-around.

After being stuck in Massachusetts traffic for forever, we made it to my cousin Cindy’s home. The wild littles needed to run off their energy so we visited the best park – huge things to climb, a zip line, and tall slides – the kids loved it. And the adults spent so much time catching up that I forgot to take photos. Jamestown is beautiful (I feel like a broken record saying it so much on this trip, but it’s the truth!)

Total Miles Driven = 207 miles

Mostly our route; we took 495 around Boston and 295 around Providence

Day 6 – Rochester and Spencerport NY

Steve took responsibility for all 5 kids plus others for VBS at his church, Lutheran Church of the Reformation in Rochester. Such a nice surprise to find ourselves with 4 hours of free time downtown. We meandered to a cool coffee shop near Eastman School of Music. Our only goal in exploring the city was to visit the library, because we’d heard it was cool. And it totally was. We read about Stonewall in a clear and well-written exhibit, wandered around admiring the details, perused the bookstore, and read silently above the Genesee River. It was pretty perfect. Without knowing anything about it beforehand, we discovered we really liked downtown Rochester! We ate lunch with Carina and then picked up the wild ones for nap time/reading time.

Playtime and pool time finished up our day. I didn’t swim because I have Floridian standards (the water was just too dang cold for me!) The water should warm up tomorrow because the heat wave puts the temperature here as the same high as Seminole FL (93 degrees!). Where is the cooler weather we deserve for leaving Florida in July? Arriving soon, I hope, with summer rainstorms in the forecast.

Library Adventures – Safety Harbor Library

I know what you’re thinking: the Safety Harbor Public Library is not a playground. I know that, but when it feels like the triple digits outside playing inside is where it’s at! Last Thursday, it offered a special free music class for the under-five set called Music with Mar. (http://musicwithmar.com). I’ve seen these classes advertised, so I figured we should check out a free one first. 

Music with Mar. was developed to provide quality, brain-based music to children and families. Henry and I were underwhelmed by the class. The music wasn’t loud enough to hear over the din of 20 or more kids and their parents/grandparents. Most of the kids just sat around, swaying to the music. The songs were unoriginal like a lot of children’s songs can be, and the music wasn’t really fun to dance to. Henry tried his usual dance moves, as well as following directions in the songs, but ultimately opened the door and walked out. 



Luckily, the children’s department of the library was awesome to make up for the fairly lame music class. It had puzzles, games, magnetic boats, and a fantastic Thomas the Train set that Henry couldn’t stop playing. He’s obsessed with trains right now so it was perfect. The library also had a great art corner set up where kids could be creative – stamp pads, markers, play dough, chalkboards, and more. I had to pry Henry away from it all to head home for lunch. Since he took a three hour nap, I’d consider our alternative playground visit a success!