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Father’s Day and Elliot’s First Rays Game

So it has been nearly three months since Father’s Day, and I honestly cannot remember what we did to celebrate Keith’s awesomeness. I took obligatorily adorable photos of Keith with the boys after church (I got one when all three were looking), and Keith got mega-Meyer-nap snuggles at naptime. Other than that, I’m sure we spent the day giving him our love, but the specifics just aren’t ringing a bell. Oops.

Later that week, we made our way to the Trop to see the Rays take on the Orioles. Elliot loved his first game, but I wouldn’t really know because I spent the majority of my time hanging with Henry around the stadium. Our main goal was visiting the touch tank so Henry could touch a stingray. That grosses me out, but he likes it and was willing to wait in line so we waited it out. He drank his free blue slurpee in line (before he dropped it and made a giant mess and freaked out over not getting to finish it), and we were in the last group to touch the stingrays. Except the stingrays were totally over people trying to touch them, so it didn’t work out. Luckily, the view of the game looks fantastic from the tank area so we watched the game for a bit.

Next up, we rushed down to a kid dance party/game that Henry LOVED. It combined his two favorite things, so I just let him dance and play for as long as he wished. I sat in a corner and zoned out; it was bliss. We tried to head back to our seats, but Henry found the coloring area so of course we had to spend some time there. He meticulously colored a DJ Kitty page and started a Raymond one before realizing he hadn’t made it to the kids block area and the game was winding down. We packed up Raymond to finish him at home and set off to play. Henry had so much fun; we never made it back to our seats. We eventually caught up with Keith, Elliot, Tom, and Margo after a game of tag (we couldn’t figure out where they were in relation to where we were). The Rays lost, but the gang had fun.

St. Pete Adventuring with the Littles

Through my sleep deprivation of waking every one to two hours with Elliot, I managed to take both boys on a day trip to Great Explorations and Sunken Gardens back in February thanks to Groupon deals. We packed a lunch and set off to Great Explorations first to play. Elliot mostly hung out in my Lillebaby carrier, and Henry had free reign over the decision-making in the children’s museum, just like old times.
He spent the majority of his time building things – pizzas, magnets, and legos. When Elliot was outside the carrier, he did his best to eat all the things. After a couple hours, and the arrival of a large field trip group we grabbed our lunch and walked over to Sunken Gardens. It has a shaded picnic area where we ate in peace and quiet before leisurely strolling through the gardens while Elliot napped. Henry decided that flamingos are super stinky, and he liked the waterfall the best.
After Elliot woke up, we returned to the children’s museum for bit longer before heading home for nap time for everyone. The boys didn’t really get that memo, but it was a super fun day other than that.

Playground of the Week – Fuller Park

For this week’s Playground of the Week, we traveled to Saint Petersburg to its Walter Fuller Recreation Complex located at 7891 26th Ave N, 33710. Its playground is fully fenced in, with two separate areas. It looks like one of the playground areas was built first (faded plastic, no shade) and then they added a second area later to expand the playground. The newer section has some shaded umbrella areas, but not enough to fully cover the equipment. So it made for a hot day at the park! The equipment was challenging, yet fun, for Henry with plenty of things to climb and slide. Henry especially loved the bouncing digger and ATV. He also loved the swings, located outside the fence, partially under giant shade trees. We couldn’t stay as long as we wanted because it simply got too hot and it felt like our faces were melting off Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark-style.

Since it is part of a larger rec center, ball fields, and pool, there was a pretty large summer camp program operating out of the center while we were playing. The kids were older elementary ages and were definitely excited to be outside. This made the park less fun for the Hen because he loves playing with other kids, and they just wanted to hang out together (totally understandable; two year olds are demanding). Overall thoughts: not too far from home; liked the containment; did not like the lack of shade; good variety of equipment; will return in winter when the weather is cooler.