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Tia Vanesa Is Our Favorite

Shortly after my parents’ visit, one of our best friends (& Henry’s Godmother) came to see us. She brought Henry his birthday present: a NASA astronaut suit from the Air and Space Museum. It definitely solidifies his coolness status as the coolest one in our family. 

Vanesa may be the only person I know who was stoked to be a soccer mom for the day; she even wore her official soccer mom outfit (I told her that next time she needs a visor.) After the game, she bravely painted outside with the Hen. What started out with painting on paper quickly morphed into painting each other’s faces and arms. Luckily for her, I only buy ultra washable paint so it came off very easily. I don’t know who had more fun (it was me, watching them and relishing the fact that I didn’t have to be painted!) 

We took a picnic to the beach to watch the sunset later that day, and followed it up with Amish-made ice cream. We loved having her visit our crazy, and can’t wait for her to come back again soon (or else we will invade her D.C. apartment – all four of us!)

Planes, Trains, and No Automobiles!

Two weeks ago, Henry and I traveled to Washington, DC to visit Henry’s godmother, Tia Vanesa! It was his third airplane ride (round trip flight), but his first alone with me. Keith had flown to Detroit, MI to be part of the ELCA National Youth Gathering, chaperoning 6 youth from our church. We were sad to be without him, but excited to visit with not only Vanesa, but also some of my other college besties – Marcie, Amber, and Lisa!

After breezing through check-in and security, we ran around the terminal for a while, then boarded the plane. I was totally prepared for the flight, I had snacks, activities, and my iPad stocked full of games and movies to watch. I was in for a rude awakening – my iPad would not turn on. I tried everything, even using a lady’s charger on board, but nothing happened. I have never wanted to cry more over failed technology. Luckily, I had plenty of other toys, crafts, etc. to make it through the flight – changing things up every 5-10 minutes. Henry did great, until we stayed on the tarmac for 20 minutes following the flight. Like everyone else on the plane, he wanted off, and couldn’t really hack staying on board. He was literally jumping in his seat and licking the plane. 


Speaking of licking transport vehicles, Henry also loved licking the metro. Totally disgusting, I know, but once it happened there was nothing I could do. He only developed a slight cough so his immune system is amazing. Henry’s favorite part of DC was riding the metro, which we did every day. If that happened to be the only thing we did besides visit Tia Vanesa, then it would have been an awesome trip for him. Toddlers are so silly.