Monthly Archives: December 2012

Oh Boy

Oh boy is right – Keith and I are having a baby BOY! At first I was a little concerned that our baby wouldn’t show the goods during the ultrasound (which I’ve heard can happen) but the first thing that popped up on the screen was our little boy showing his stuff. It feels so good to know what we’re having – even though we didn’t care either way. This just makes it easier to talk to our baby, which we’ve started doing. Actually, I’ve been talking to him and Keith has been singing. The same song over and over. It’s too cute and only slightly annoying for me. But I love it, and my two guys.

Everything else looked good on the anatomy scan – organs where they are supposed to be, heartbeat strong at 147 beats, legs and arms looking good. He was moving around so much, probably due to my love of orange juice in the morning. The only thing Baby Boy didn’t show us was his face; he didn’t have time for that. We saw one eye and that was it. He just wants it to be a surprise in May. I don’t mind. He weighs 14 ounces, which is normal for a baby at 20–21 weeks. I can’t believe he weighs almost a pound already!

Also, beginning on Wednesday I started feeling him move around. I probably couldn’t feel him moving before now because (a) it was too early in the process and (b) I’ve been sick with a cold that turned into asthmatic issues (I’m feeling much better now). It is so weird, like bubbles floating up in an area where bubbles don’t normally exist. Or like popcorn. Keith and I think we felt the baby on the outside, too! Last night, we were sitting on the couch and I felt Baby move so I grabbed Keith’s hand and put it on my belly. After a few moments we both felt a tap. Good enough for us – we felt our baby kick.

Baby Bump

I actually have a baby bump. It is pretty tiny, but it looks more like a baby bump than just pounds I put on during the past few months.

I can actually tell that there is a baby growing in there rather than just relying on medical technology that our baby exists, which is super exciting! We also have photographic evidence to prove it – we took our Christmas card photos this week and it is evident from the photos that our baby is growing.

According to the Mayo Clinic Handbook (which is our go-to guide for all things pregnancy), Baby’s kidneys are developed enough to make urine, which the baby swallows when it swallows amniotic fluid. But it’s all good – the urine is sterile so it doesn’t harm the baby. Still, I think it is gross, just one of the many gross things that happen to a woman’s body when a baby alien is growing inside of it. Less gross is the fact that our baby may hear us when we talk because his/her hearing is well-developed. Neither Keith nor I have made an effort to directly talk to the baby, but it is an option now so we will probably try it out at some point. I have not felt the baby move yet even though the baby is supposedly moving around, likely because I cannot distinguish our baby’s movements from gas or something. It could happen any day now – I can’t wait!

At 19 weeks, Baby is the size of a mango, which I love because we live in the mango latitudes, as Keith calls it, and we get to eat mangos often. It also means that our baby is measuring about six inches long and weighs about eight and a half ounces. We have tried to get from the grocery store whatever fruit the baby’s size correlates with in a particular week and eat it. You may say cannibalism; I say delicious (at least when it’s mangos).

Making Room

If you’d like to marvel at the human body today, and if you haven’t recently eaten anything, you should watch this infographic-in-motion which shows how a baby gradually takes over all the space inside his lady host. He starts innocently enough, confined to the space already reserved for lady parts. But by just five weeks in, the baby has outgrown that area and begun to compress the lady’s organs. At 13 weeks, he’s moving around in there, and at 21 weeks, he has purchased all four railroads and built a hotel on Park Place. All the normal organ business, if there is such a thing, is now being carried out in an extremely constricted space. Despite this intrusion, mom just laughs and keeps going (though never at the same time for fear of incontinence.)

Babies take a lot of room and I have a sneaking suspicion that it doesn’t stop when the little thing clears out of my lady’s belly. And more, I’m afraid that I’m going to wake up one day soon and there will be so much baby-related paraphernalia that I won’t be able to find the baby itself and I’ll have to give up and settle for spending my days with a few boxes of diapers in a swing that’s a little too small for me.

It’s all those products that seem so daunting. And all of them branded with ridiculous names like Mommy & Baby-A-Go-Go or Kid Science Labs or Grow Free. Play Free. BPA Free. None of it sounds like things I even want in my periphery vision, let alone jabbing me in the soles of my feet as I investigate the mysterious crying sounds coming from somewhere inside my apartment.

I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what I really want to hear, that 99% of child-rearing can be accomplished with a handkerchief and a Swiss Army knife. Because I already have those things and I like the design better.

But there’s no ‘BPA Free’ sticker on the knife, so I guess I just reserve it for prying open new containers of baby products.