Monthly Archives: July 2016

Elliot at Two Months Old

Elliot is so big (compared to how little he was at birth)! He wears 3-month clothes, when he’s not hanging out in just his diaper (it’s summer!) He’s a happy baby, and while he smiles at everyone, he smiles the most at me, Keith, and Henry. We joke that he judges us all the time, because he also has a serious, judgmental expression. 

He spends most of his naps in his swing, but sleeps at night in his crib in our bedroom. He’s a loud sleeper (grunts, kicks, hand sucking) so he wakes me up more often than he needs to eat (which is usually 2-3 times a night). He is giving us a 5-6 hour stretch most nights, of which I am thankful, especially since his big brother didn’t do that until much later. He is awake for a little over an hour between naps, and after a nice, long nap in the morning (2-3 hours), he naps for 45 minutes or so all afternoon into the evening (with sometimes a single longer afternoon nap at some point).

He rocks at tummy time, holding his head up for up to 15 minutes, and has managed to flip from stomach to back once so far. We are discouraging any and all movement, but I understand if he wants to move to protect himself from his brother’s all-encompassing love. He’s starting to notice toys and fans, but still likes looking at faces the best. 

He goes for his two month checkup with Dr. Notter on Friday, where he’ll get the usual round of shots. I’m not looking forward to it, but it’s necessary to protect against preventable childhood diseases. I also made it a benchmark for Elliot going into the Kids Zone at the YMCA, because crazy germs have popped up there (someone brought their kid with whooping cough last year and didn’t even tell the gym after they found out – they found out from the state). Henry is stoked for all four of us to go the gym together, and he’s (and I am) ready to be back in the gym weekday mornings. It’s time to work on my fitness for real; I have to be able to keep up with my boys!

Playground of the Week – Highlander Park

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these postings, but I’m hopping back on my playground of the week train starting NOW. This week’s playground is Highlander Park, located at 1920 Pinehurst Rd, Dunedin 34698. It’s a drive (30 minutes or so) from where we live in Seminole, but is totally worth it (especially in the summer).

My favorite thing about this park is the Kiwanis Sprayground, which is totally free and fenced in, plus it has covered benches for some lucky, early-rising parents to claim as theirs. Great for toddlers, the variety of fountains ranging from a sprinkle to full on downpour (and a small slide) make it a cool way to spend a morning.

Adjacent to the splash pad is a small, shaded playground that Henry likes even better than the water. It doesn’t have anything special or awesome, but is a nice, cool space for kids to play. The swings are in the sun, so they are best enjoyed when it’s not a million degrees. Pack a lunch, because there are lots of picnic tables around to sit and eat in the shade. There’s also a pool for bigger kids and families, but that costs money (of course). I love this park, and wish it were closer to where we live.