Monthly Archives: February 2014

Nine Months Out

Henry turned 9 months old last Saturday, and in between when he was born
and now I fell off the wagon in terms of posting to our blog. Well, no
longer! Henry’s 9-month check-up went well. He weighs 21.7 pounds and is
30.25 inches long putting him in the 78th and 98th percentiles,
respectively. He’s a big guy, but dropped from his 93rd percentile in
weight at 6 months because he is always on the move.

He is rarely still. He crawls with lightning speed; luckily he plops his
hands down so loudly that you can hear him coming from one end of the house
to the other. He also likes to giggle and make noises when crawling because
it’s just so much fun. He also cruises all around the furniture and is just
now getting brave enough to stand without holding on to anything except his
toys. He tries to have a toy in each hand when he stands alone – maybe for
balance – maybe to just look cool and carefree. Finally, he loves to dance.
If I put on the right music (The Roots or Beatles iTunes radio stations),
then he starts bouncing up and down and occasionally does the “Single
Ladies” hand dancing. He definitely has his own rhythm. And I love it.