Monthly Archives: June 2014

Living the Hen Life (13 months)

I’ve never done “a day in the life” kind of post before, but I thought it would be fun to try to do them monthly since Henry is developing a personality and is actually doing interesting things. I picked Tuesday (June 16th) because most Tuesdays follow the same routine that doesn’t necessarily exist on other days. 

Today, Henry woke up around 8:30 am, which is later than he has been getting up since he stopped waking up to eat in the middle of the night. He nursed, got a diaper change, and then was ready to play like it’s his job or something. One of the first things he does is find a book, or to be more accurate, several books, and then alternate between reading them himself (sometimes he makes random noises which is what I’m sure I sound like reading to him) or asking me to read. He usually gets tired of a book after a few pages, but it’s so nice to have him ask me (in his gibberish) and then plop down into my lap for a story. He’s usually drinking a cup of milk during this time. 

He plays on his own while I make our breakfasts; I eat mine first then he gets his because I need time for my coffee to kick in. He eats around 9:30, then goes into his “Hen Pen” to play while I get us ready to go for the day and clean up the house for the appraiser to assess it (long story short – the place we are renting is under contract for sale and we move July 1 to another temporary place). 

We make it out the door around 11 (it takes forever for us to get moving, I know) and head over to the library for the chaos that is story/play time. It’s actually a great (free) class where Henry (and 40 or so 1 to 2 year olds and their parents) play, sing songs, and read together until 12:30. We’re both usually wiped afterwards. Henry fell asleep in the car on the way home, and napped for 1 hour and 45 minutes (on the shorter side of his naps). He mostly naps in our bed with me next to him because I NEED my naps, too. 



After nap, he nurses, we eat lunch, play for a bit, then head to the gym to work out. Henry plays in the gym area near me while I lift weights. It’s not actually a gym, just a workout room in the back of a friend’s business where they are nice enough to let Henry cause chaos while I get my workout in. After we finished at the gym (around 4:30), we ran errands.

While Henry danced to his muppet jams (new fav move: stamping his foot), I made dinner for the two of us at 6:30 (mac and cheese and steamed green beans) since Keith had to work late, and we took our 3-mile usual walk with a stop at the playground for Henry to play. He pretty much stuck to the swing tonight, but did play in the sand enough to get dirty. The last few minutes of our walk he fell asleep (of course), and since he had a full diaper I couldn’t just put him in his crib so I changed him, put on his pj’s, nursed him, and tried to get him to sleep. FAIL. The catnap killed all hope of him going to sleep at his normal bedtime. On a typical night he takes a bath around 8:30, gets ready for bed, reads a story, nurses, then is asleep by 9 to 9:30. Tonight he fought against all of that; maybe because I skipped bath because he was too tired, maybe because he didn’t feel like going to sleep until 10 – I don’t know. But I let him play for a little while, nursed him again, and then he finally fell asleep. Only to be woken up by a power outage at 12:15 am. Sometimes that’s just how it goes. Living the Hen life.