Monthly Archives: August 2016

I Love a Good, Air-Conditioned Beach

Last summer, the National Building Museum in DC was the place to be with its Beach exhibit recreating the ocean with close to one million plastic balls. A giant ball pit for everyone – sign me up! We tried to visit while on vacation, but the wait was hours long and that doesn’t work when you have an impatient two-year-old. So we looked at the Beach from above, and played in the gift shop, and I didn’t really think about the exhibit again until I heard that Tampa’s Amelie Arena would be having its own Beach event, and it would be free to the public (just had to find available times on Ticketmaster or try for a walk-up spot). 

Happily, the four of us headed to Channelside to frolic at the beach on one of Keith’s Mondays off. Since we had tickets for the first time slot of the day, we didn’t even wait in line (although Henry is much better with lines now, it’s always great when you don’t have to wait!) We ate our free ice cream, Keith put Elliot in the K’tan, and we ran for the water’s edge. Henry had a blast! He couldn’t stop jumping off the pier into the plastic balls; as soon as I lifted him out, he immediately jumped back in. After 30 minutes or so, I traded off with Keith and rested with the baby on pretty comfortable chairs (once I made it out – it was really difficult to climb out of them on my own.) I liked relaxing the best, but it was pretty fun to act like a kid again jumping off into the “water.”

Elliot is Three Months Old!

We have a three month old, who Henry affectionately refers to as “His baby!” All of us love Elliot so much – it would be impossible not to, since his go to mood is smiley and calm. This kid really cannot stop smiling – he interrupts nursing sessions to smile up at me like I’m the best person ever, he smiles at his brother getting in his face to play with him, and he smiles at everyone who makes goofy faces trying to get him to smile.

He is up for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time during the day, followed by naps 30 minutes to three hours long. Currently, his longest nap is in the afternoon, and I’m always thankful when it occurs during Henry’s afternoon nap (so I get a nap in, too!) He falls asleep for the night between 8:30 and 10, and then gives us an awesome 5-6 hour stretch of sleep, followed by a couple more three hour blocks. I’m getting up to nurse him 2 to 3 times a night; it’s nice to have predictability (I know it’s only a matter of time before it all changes, haha, so I’m embracing the moment!)

Things He Loves

  • Looking at his reflection in the swing’s mobile – he literally laughs out loud and can’t get over his reflection
  • Intentionally reaching for and grabbing objects like his plastic rings, Oball, and Muslin blankets
  • Tummy time – he easily raises his head 90 degrees and holds it steady (he’s very strong, maybe because he really wants to play with Henry)
  • People’s faces
  • Being held and loved – this is his favorite; he loves cuddling

Things He is Not Wild About

  • Henry screaming in his face
  • Baths (sometimes)
  • His car seat

Other motor milestones include him rolling from front to back (only twice, by accident), rolling from his back to his side (his preferred sleep position), talking by saying “ah-goo”, and bringing both hands together before cramming them in his mouth. He is a healthy and fun little guy!