Monthly Archives: February 2013

Every Day I’m Traveling

So we haven’t been traveling every day for the past month, but it feels like we’ve been on the go since before Christmas. I guess we’ve been trying to take advantage of the fact that it’s late into my second trimester and apparently I’m not supposed to travel after Week 32 per doctor’s orders. So we’ve been busy visiting friends and family and far-off places. Here’s the summary of what we have done since just before Christmas:

  1. my parents came to visit for a few days through Christmas, followed by
  2. two of my best friends from college visiting
  3. a short trip over to Clearwater to see Keith’s family and another best friend from college get married on New Year’s Eve
  4. a lovely tour of New Orleans since we didn’t get to see much of it during the ELCA National Youth Gathering last summer
  5. a drive to Memphis by way of terrible interstates and Highway 61 and
  6. a relaxing seminary BKC reunion in Orlando

All in all, we have only been home alone eight days in the past month!

How does a pregnant lady handle so much fun? Very, very slowly with lots of bathroom breaks. Seriously. I’m usually a fast walker – Keith keeps up but doesn’t like it. Now, I’m walking at Keith’s preferred pace and he has to remember to slow down because he’s so used to walking with me. Also, I get tired after a few hours of walking; tired to the point where I absolutely have to lay down and take a nap. And Keith has been amazing at letting me rest, especially in New Orleans where we could have been doing things 24/7. New Orleans is a magical place, even in January with cold temperatures, foggy nights, and rainy days. Keith and I want to return every year to further explore its environs, but probably not in January. We’ll see if that actually happens once Baby Boy is born. It’s a nice dream that hopefully can happen (perhaps with the support of grandparents watching our boy).