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Playground of the Week – Pinebrook Park

This week’s playground of the week was a pleasant surprise. Pinebrook Park, located at 7202 118th Avenue North in Pinellas Park, looked nearly unrecognizable from the photos posted on the City of Pinellas Park’s website, and this was definitely a good thing.

The playground equipment looked entirely new, with some sunsails providing portions of shade. Bright colors of climbing apparatuses stood out; Henry found some of them challenging but kept trying anyways. The ground was made of rubberized mulch affixed to the earth, so parents who have babies/toddlers shouldn’t be afraid of them eating the surface material. It was a totally fun place to be.



There were a couple of drawbacks, however. The swings were not in the shade, and have regular mulch underneath, but the mulch looked fresh and the swings were brand new. There were no bathrooms (the horror of being pregnant without a bathroom in sight is real, everyone!), so make sure to go before you play. 

Other exciting recreation opportunities include basketball, racquetball, and tennis courts, a baseball field, and two covered picnic areas with grills. I recommend this park for fun, and will make sure to go back when I don’t need the bathroom every 20 minutes.