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Road Tripping with the Littles – Winter Holiday Edition

Today we drove. And we drove. And we drove. And by we, I mean Keith drove and the boys and I rode from Seminole, FL to Fort Morgan, AL for 537 miles across the length of the Florida Panhandle which is not for the faint-hearted. It goes on…

FOREVER. And ever ever.

It did NOT take us 7 h 40 m, not even close.

Made even longer by a million rest stops needed by some or all of us, including 2 interstate shoulder stops to re-secure a bicycle that kept coming partially undone from our roof racks. We also took the boys to the illustrious Waffle House in Lake City for their first visit, and it was a hit! They liked watching their food get made, and that it quickly arrived.

Waffle House – Lake City, FL

“They serve the best waffles here, Henry exclaimed,” after quickly finishing his plate-sized waffle at the Waffle House.

We stopped by the local Publix on our way into town for subs, and made it to our little vacation rental/settled in for the weekend.

We’re sad our Southern California trip had to be cancelled last minute, but I think this place will be a great replacement and refreshing way to begin the New Year. It’s the boys’ (including Keith’s) first trip to Alabama, and I’m pretty sure they already love it. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Our vacation rental is in a neighborhood called The Rookery, which is near Fort Morgan & Mobile Point.